Silence Syst.

Fitting instructions for your Sanibroyeur Silence SFA

Sanibroyeurs have sometimes been unfairly associated with noise.
Since 2005, major improvements have been made to significantly reduce the noise level generated by our macerators (new motor design, use of silent blocks and noise insulation plates).

However, it is important to follow certain instructions during installation:

  • Avoid any contact with the walls of the room when fitting the tank.
  • Make sure that the anti-vibration pads are properly stuck underneath the tank at the indicated locations, to minimize vibrations.
  • Screw the fastening tabs to the floor to prevent the appliance from moving.
  • Position the tank on a perfectly level floor so that the anti-vibration pads can work effectively.
  • Fasten the outlet piping correctly avoiding any distances between attachments in excess of one metre.